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Caribbean Tan & Salon

1217 W Main Street Peoria, IL 61606




Done by Don Nguyen

Call (309)-686-3751

Information on Microblading

Microblading is the insertion of a semi-permanent pigment into the brows for a realistic, more defined brow look. The strokes of microblading are done with a specific technique to reveal natural-looking brow "hair". The overall shape of the brows is calculated using a "phibrows" application.

After the initial treatment,correction is needed a month later. As naturally 10-15% of initial strokes are lost during this time. After correction, pigment refreshment is not needed for an additional 10-12 months. If the skin has excessive oil, this time may be reduced to as short as 6 months.

Appointment time: 1.5 hours

Initial Cost: $300